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KISS-“Keep it Smoothly Shifting” – 5 Words to get through CHANGE.

change final 2                               Change is inevitable. It is one of life’s few guarantees. For example, raising children to become adults is a process full of joys, pain and countless changes. If I had seen the future of the painful times I would have to endure as a mom…who knows I may have said no. When I see the sign of a change coming my way I smoothly shift gears and start letting go of my ego’s need to hold on to what is comfortable. That is when I arrive at a new beginning. I realize it is exactly where I’am supposed to be. Getting to know this new season can feel uncomfortable, different and sometimes scary at first. Change is an opportunity to grow. Don’t get stuck in a comfortable gear because you may miss out on an opportunity that is better than you thought. These five words help me smoothly shift gears so I can go to the places I don’t want to go but must.

  1. Patience. Before you know it you have accepted it so have Patience. It will get easier everyday. Write in a journal everyday and look back after seven days and see how different you feel. Sometimes life is a seven day wonder.
  2. Determination.When there is a change try to remember there is a reason for it. have Determination to get through it. You may like it better.
  3. Faith. Prepare yourself when you see the first signs of change. Change is a part of life you cannot hide from. Have Faith that it is a part of your journey and this is a new chapter in your life.
  4. Willpower. Keep moving on to the future. So have Will power to not go back to the comfortable past. Participate living life in the present.
  5. Meditation. When something feels uncomfortable it is an opportunity to grow. Don’t avoid or miss this opportunity God gives you to grow. Have Meditation be your tool to get through this time. Find a place to quiet your mind. Yoga class, church or even a small area in your home with a candle. This will help you find your inner peace when change comes your way.

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