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KISS – “Keep It Soul Seeking”- Say Yes!


Have you ever felt an inner need from your soul to say YES when you really want to say “I can’t.”, “I’m not able to?” or “I’m too busy.” The Holy Spirit may be seeking your soul to listen so that you can receive a blessing or bless someone else. When you listen to that urge and trust it lessons of Love, Compassion and Faith often emerge.

LOVE- Have you ever been nudged to say YES to a friend when she asks you to have Lunch on the very day your many petty tasks have overwhelmed you? You want to say “Im too busy. ” But you said YES! When I reflect back to the days it wasn’t easy to say YES and I listened to my soul those were the days that stood out. The unfinished Work and chores seemed to have slipped into the background and the best part of the day was laughing with good friends that LOVE you know matter what.

COMPASSION- A dear friend of mine lost her husband and she asked some friends to join her on a girls trip to Tuscany. Traveling that far was not a comfortable thing for me. But I searched my soul and said YES. The evening we arrived we gathered together on a breathtaking countryside hill and nibbled food and wine. We held our glasses up to the sky and made a toast to Joe. His name had just been said and a double rainbow appeared in the Tuscan sky. There was no doubt that it was the Holy Spirits way of letting us know Joe was with us and thankful for these compassionate women surrounding his grieving wife. This unseen sense is so powerful that it can take you on journeys through this visible world to places you never imagined.

FAITH- Our two year old puppy developed a rare form of cancer and it was time for us to let him to go. I will never forget my daughters Faithful words she whispered to Tank before he died. She said,” Tank since you are a baby you get to sit on Jesus’s lap when your in heaven.” A week later I went for a run minus my best friend Tank. I took a deep breath and watched the other dogs playfully race around the beach chasing balls and seagulls. Sandy Beach was Tanks favorite place. I missed him terribly. I walked to the water and slowly submerged myself in the ocean hoping the water would sooth the loss I had felt. I looked up into the sky and thought I know you are running around with new friends in a place that is more majestic than I can even comprehend. The thought barely formed in my head and I looked up and a big white puffy cloud floated above me. It was shaped like Tank racing through the sky. I felt joy and lingered with it. I smiled having Faith that it was the Holy Spirit showing me that all was well with Tank.

The more I listen to my soul and focus on the unseen in this visible world I realize the unseen is forever and more majestical than we can ever imagine. The visible is just the tip of what we can see and doesn’t last forever. The days get busy, the rainbows fade away and the clouds disappear. So lets open up our eyes, stay alert and change our mindsets to say YES so we don’t miss out on these awesome gifts the Holy Spirits sends us so creatively.

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