Just for Fun Bracelets

Do you ever get up in the morning and wish that beyond your standard lip stick and favorite pair of shoes that you had that one extra little thing to wear? Just for fun bracelets is your answer. Completely whimsical, our bracelets are custom designed using a wide assortment of glass, crystal, hand painted, sterling silver, Bali beads, and our exclusive silver bead frames. Described as "happy jewelry", these pieces seem to fly off the shelves. Begin your day with a colorful reminder that underneath your mother exterior, there's still a bit of a girl inside. Due to the uniqueness of the beads and availability, each piece will vary. Variations contribute to the originality of each piece.

Zebra Collection

Black Zebra Meltie
Hydrangea Zebra Meltie
Making Waves Zebra Meltie
Golden Butterscotch Zebra Meltie
Tortoise Shell Zebra Meltie
White Chocolate Zebra Meltie
Dreamy Blue Zebra Bracelet Pink Zebra Meltie

Spring/Summer Collection

Florida Fun
Summer Breeze
Summer Fun
Bermuda Lime
Beach Ball
Starry Night
Sand Dollar
Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach
Rocky Beach
Four Seasons
Rocky Beach

Fall/Winter Collection

Pumpkin Pie
Plum Pudding
Winter Fun
Peppermint Candy
Candy Cane
Sculpted Ice

My Favorite Things Collection

My Favorite Things - Girl
My Favorite Things - Boy
My Favorite Things - Tennis
My Favorite Things - Golf
My Favorite Things - Holiday
My Favorite Things - Teacher
My Favorite Things - Dog
My Favorite Things - Cat
My Favorite Things - Horse
My Favorite Things - Wine
My Favorite Things - Garden
My Favorite Things - Cosmopolitan
My Favorite Things - By the Bay
My Favorite Things - Sweet 16
My Favorite Things - Charm Me
My Favorite Things - Shells
My Favorite Things - Spiritual

Nantucket Collection

Nantucket Surf
Nantucket Spring
Nantucket Summer
Nantucket Fall
Nantucket Stroll
Nantucket Island
The Cape
The Vineyard
Indian Summer

Seaside Collection

Island Night Bracelet
Chatham Summer Bracelet
Vineyard Summer Bracelet
Newport Jazz Bracelet
Newport Summer Bracelet