Nikki Lissoni Jewelry

The Nikki Lissoni Leather Wrap Bracelets are available in three leather colors and three Coin Finishes. Coins can be exchanged very simple... Itís quite easy. Just follow the next steps and you can change your coin over and over again...

1. Clamp the pendant between your fingers. Use the nails of your thumbs to click the pendant open. When the pendant is open, you can easily replace the coin for another one.

2. Youíve changed the coin and the only thing left to do is close the pendant. Press the two parts together and when you hear 'click' the pendant will be closed.

All of the Nikki Lissoni Jewelry have a very thick silver, gold or rose gold plating. And thatís not allÖ thereís also a coating called nano that they have used and will not only protect your jewelry against damages but will protect it against tarnishing too.

Leather Wrap Bracelets

Small Coins